Walk the Story of the Universe

Walk the Story of the Universe combines an introduction to the scientific story of the Universe with an enjoyable weekend of gentle walking, fine food and beautiful Somerset scenery.

Over the two days we walk 13.8 kilometres, making each metre on the ground equivalent to a million years in time. So you not only learn about the extraordinary events that brought us here but also develop a strong physical sense of your place within them.

All food for the weekend is provided including packed lunches for the walks. Evening meals on Friday and Saturday are cooked over our roaring campfire and enjoyed with a relaxing glass of beer or wine. All the food is abundant, vegetarian, home-made, locally-sourced where possible (much of it from our own garden) and delicious.

We are running just one Walk the Story of the Universe weekend in 2019, 31st May to 2nd June. Please book your place using the button below.  

'Walk the Story of the Universe' is open to anyone who can walk 13.8 kilometres. No previous knowledge or particular outlook is assumed. 

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'Walk the Story of the Universe' begins on a Friday evening with a presentation on our changing understanding of the Universe over the past 500 years.

Woven through this talk are explanations of the basic science you need to know to make the most of Saturday's walk

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Saturday starts with an overview of human evolution since our common ancestor with the chimpanzees around 6 million years ago. This creates a context for the rest of the walk. Then we learn about the Big Bang and walk the story of stars, galaxies and the elements.

On Saturday evening a fireside chat about evolution and natural selection is followed, weather permitting, by some stargazing

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On Sunday we walk the Earth story, exploring the formation of the solar system, the evolution of single-celled and then multicellular life in the oceans, the movement onto land, and the emergence of reptiles, dinosaurs and mammals.

We conclude by revisiting the human story and resetting it in the context of the vast journey we have travelled.