“I loved the experience”

“I want to say how much I LOVED the experience and REALLY APPRECIATED your preparation, effort, skill, commitment, patience. For me it was a life-changing event, so much richer and deeper than I could get from reading/talking/watching films. I think what gave the deeper impact was the immersion in it for the weekend. So I can’t thank you enough or recommend it highly enough!”

Nick Osborne, Somerset

"Through walking the story with you I feel like I have finally found the relationship I have been seeking with the Universe for the past 20 years.  It's one of the luckiest of the many lucky events of my life, and a considerable blessing."

Theo Simon, Somerset


“Impressive, fresh and well researched”

Impressive, fresh and well researched, a truly rigorous celebration of contemporary science, cosmology and philosophy. I found the openness of your event refreshing, enriching and enhancing. I can only thoroughly endorse it to others

- Debbie Rabia, Berkshire


“Tremendous fun as well as very educational.”

We all loved the weekend. It was tremendous fun as well as very educational. You handle, and dispense all that information with great wit and lightness of touch and with a bit of luck some of it will actually stick with me. Nicole's food was absolutely delicious. Thank you very much indeed

- Richard Oldfield, Kent

“Loved it!”

Don’t underestimate the importance and contribution the camp set up provides. Loved it! The communal atmosphere, cooking in the open with us made it very relaxed. I wanted for nothing. 

- Greg Pinto, Berkshire


“Full tasting wholesome home-cooked food.”

The prospect of “vegetarian” did not appeal to me, how wrong can you be. Full tasting wholesome home-cooked food....Yum Yum!

- Carl Smith, Berkshire

“Energising and transforming”

Absolutely brilliant! You packed so much in and we still had time to have lots of fun and laughs. 

Many, many thanks for a truly wonderful, energising and transforming weekend.

- Sue Harris